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Dee's  Lifelike  Dolls

Berenguer  and  Porcelain

This page last revised
November 19, 2006.

Have you ever looked for "lifelike" dolls to use in your parenting classes, sibling classes or babysitting classes?
Deorseal's baby dolls are so realistic that they would be perfect for these uses as well as for "therapeutic" value for children at play or Alzheimer patients. They are so lovely that you just might want to keep them home for your own enjoyment!   ( Doll sales help us support infant caregivers; see info at the bottom of this page. )

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SIZE=14K Placing photos of infants on our website is something that Phyllis and I love  to do.
Because of our desire to illustrate babies on our site (and for your fun), we became so terribly excited when we discovered Deorseal ("Dee" for short) and her shop called "Dolly and Me". Of course, obtaining parental permission for website photos is a necessary formality and a respectful, first priority. For all those "persons" appearing on this page, however, this task was considerably easier. You see, we only needed the permission of one "rebirthing" Mother, and that was "Dee".

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Located in Richfield, Minnesota, U.S.A., Dee's shop is inhabited by lots and lots of children, "wee ones" and "big ones", and even a few adults are in residence. Upon making an acquaintance with these lifelike residents, a visitor would likely want to check to see if they are breathing. These inhabitants are "Dee's creations"; she actually gives them their "rebirth"! Dee is quite talented at doing so. As she says on her own website, what started out as her "hobby" to enjoy with her daughter has turned into her "passion". Now, Dee even offers three-hour class sessions several times a week (see her website for scheduling).

Dee "rebirths" two types of dolls: porecelain dolls, conceived in her own imagination (adults below), and the famous Special Edition Berenguer dolls (babies shown above and below) conceived by Salvador Berenguer in Spain since 1950. Both are individually unique as a result of the artists' talents. Known for her natural lifelike painting and costuming technique, Dee, owner/artist, has won national awards for her expertise. Over the years of porcelain doll making, she has developed her own secret recipe for a variety of skin tones in porcelain slip and her color blending of oil paints.
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Dee's porcelain dolls involve extensive attention to a step by step process. Starting with liquid porcelain to the final hand assembly, each doll is painted and kiln fired no less than four times to create the magical lifelike shadowing and shading. Great detailed attention is granted to the individual hairs painted for the eyebrows and eyelashes. Unlike many of the commercial dolls on the market, Dee does not stencil any detail onto her dolls. She also has mastered the technique of producing a translucent and satin finish to every one of her creations. To the dedicated collector of porcelain dolls, her etched signature is prized. This is a tribute to her pride in her artistry and her attention to accuracy and authenticity.

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SIZE=14K SIZE=15K Dee's resume through the years has included making dolls for a motion picture, Disney Productions, Of Mighty Ducks III; Educational Documentaries for Channel 33 - Regional 6 and national television sales. All Dee's dolls are handcrafted in the U.S.A. (Richfield, MN)

Please consider visiting Dee's website at and, if you're lucky enough to visit her "Dolly and Me" shop, be sure to say "Hello" to all its good-looking inhabitants!

You can reach Dee by phone at (612) 869-7573 or her email address.
Doll photography by Bob Porter, webmaster.
Portions of this page's text were extracted (with permission) from Dee's website.

Note: Should you decide to purchase one of Dee's "unique" dolls, please be sure to mention this Educarer, Inc. website and say "Thank You, Dee!" for her resulting donation to Educarer, Inc.   We also say "Thank You!"

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Thank you for visiting Educarer World of Infants!

We close this page with a few more infant dolls for you to enlarge. We hope you have enjoyed them!
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